Untold truth steroids

"I love Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ," she told Huffington Post . "That's about as far from fashion as you can get. Mariska Hargitay is totally stunning and gorgeous in those terrible trousers."

She also has a soft spot for gluten-free, dairy-free doughnuts: In an article she wrote for Refinery29 about her recovery from a recent spinal surgery, she confessed that after finding out that gluten-free, dairy-free doughnuts do, in fact, exist (and this is the food intolerance equivalent of a real, live unicorn), she had two dozen delivered the next day.

When science lets us fulfill our greatest desires, where do we stop? Should Barry Bonds’s startling achievements be listed in the record book with an asterisk because he has been accused of using steroids? Did performance-enhancing drugs play a role in Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour de France victories? And what does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s continued success say about the appeal of his steroid-fueled bodybuilding persona? In the tradition of And the Band Played On , award-winning journalist Shaun Assael looks at America’s complicated love affair with steroids and how it has grown into the country’s—and perhaps the world’s—most insidious drug addiction.

Untold truth steroids

untold truth steroids


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