Steroids in sports essay example

Steroids work as follows. When receptor sites don't have much testosterone, then get flooded with it, they get activated. The person will get more muscular, more defined. They'll lose some fat, increase their lean body mass, and get stronger. The muscle-building effects tend to be more quickly apparent in adolescents and adults, though among adolescents, there can be stunted skeletal growth. While there have been no studies of long-term steroid use, researchers suspect it can heighten the risk of liver cancer, heart attack and stroke. Steroids are taken in tablet form or by injection, usually in cycles over several weeks. Illegal steroids typically are sold in gyms, health clubs, and by mail. An eight-week cycle of steroids can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand, depending on the dose, type, and availability. Two hundred dollars sounds expensive for high school students, but remember, some pay that much for a pair of sneakers.

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Steroids in sports essay example

steroids in sports essay example


steroids in sports essay examplesteroids in sports essay examplesteroids in sports essay examplesteroids in sports essay examplesteroids in sports essay example