Steroid ranking chart

I found some research that supports a little theory I was nursing in my own: the juiced ball disproportionately benefited players at the lower end of the power spectrum. It makes sense in that it really doesn’t matter if a ball travels 420 or 430 feet but 370 to 380 makes a big difference. If for some reason they take a little juice out of the ball, guys like Ramirez or Scooter might see disproportionate regression. And keep in mind that’s not just homers. Ramirez hit 56 doubles last year I think. If some of those are caught fly balls that impacts the counters. I think my spider sense is trying to warn me off some of these guys who had outlier seasons.

This is a survey going out to 128 experts who all have different backgrounds, and different thoughts about what SEO is. I have been doing this for a while now and I have met most of the top people in the industry, both from the US and the UK, and so far I don't think I have met 2 people that will give the same answer to what the perfect SEO strategy for any given website is. There is just to many things that matters, and the strategies is different depending on nisch.

My takeaway from this is that Social, "the hip thing", is probably even lower then this chart tells us, because there are so many people defending the value of Social for SEO. I really can't see any value, and the correlation mentioned is probably attached to something else. The most active companies on Social are probably a lot more aware of online marketing for example.....
And links are probably worth more then the piecharts say, because a lot of people are "on-page" guru's that believe writing good content and tweeting about it is enough for a page to be optimized because they work with low competitive keywords.

You should also realize that those pie charts could be divided if we were talking about different sorts of SEO.

If you were talking about sex or viagra for example, I am pretty sure everyone in the survey would agree that Social Metrics have 0 importance.
And if you would be looking at local SEO, I am pretty sure everyone would agree that the EMD's would increase in value as low competition keywords with local relevance often only need decent content, a link or two, and the freshness factor mentioned by Viperchill, to outrank "far better optimized" websites.

Don't just look at the numbers and expect Rand / Moz being right or wrong.
Think about what it means, take away some of the thoughts mentioned, and if you are in total disagreement (what I thought Social was 65%!) with the piecharts, then maybe it is time to re-think your own SEO.

Nice video as usual Rand. I would really see a video in the future where you discuss Social for SEO. How and why it would work, because I just can't see it being in the algorithm even though I believe social is insanely important for Branding and Traffic Generation, especially in some niches.

Steroid ranking chart

steroid ranking chart


steroid ranking chartsteroid ranking chartsteroid ranking chartsteroid ranking chartsteroid ranking chart