Steroid meningitis outbreak michigan

Steroid Responsive Meningitis - Samantha Goldberg BVSc MRCVS

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Meningitis is defined as inflammation of the meninges, which are the membranous layers that cover and protect the outside of the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis is painful and can be caused anything that triggers inflammation, including viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections. Other causes are exposure to chemical toxins, infected bite wounds on the head and neck and bacterial migration to the brain from infected sinuses, nasal passages, middle ears or elsewhere. Dogs with meningitis have a high fever, stiff muscles, muscle spasms, hypersensitivity to touch and a stilted gait. They become depressed, lethargic and nauseous. Advanced cases of meningitis can cause extreme depression, blindness, progressive paralysis, seizures, confusion, agitation and/or aggression. Affected dogs may be unable to coordinate their movements, move in uncontrollable circles, stand up then stumble when trying to walk, or walk with their front legs spread far apart. Unfortunately, meningitis can be fatal.

The Doctor in the Sayreville Hospital in , happened to be very nice Lady and sympathetic ! Going threw the normal tests she mentioned meningitis based upon her experiences with these dogs and obviously the the ability for certain species of dogs particularly the Maltese, Pugs, Yorkshire's among others may have problems breeding from the same genetic family over and over AND OVER AGAIN ! Of course a breeder never tells you this fact ! As I now read more about dogs some are more destined for a short life and health issues than other species ! Ultimately its the breeder , did they ever check for the propensity for certain dogs to get sick probably not, money talks bullshit walks ---- right ! I spent for my dog Prinz , would I do this again , NO ! This will be the last time I ever spend money on a dog and will not buy any other dog doing my life time ! BUT , I had the best dog I could ever ask god for and more faithful then anybody . In his short life he showed me about who he was and how much he loved and enjoyed being with us and that my friend is priceless !!! Everyone cried in the family for days . And I'll know when the days get warmer with the spring breeze I could just imagine his little wet nose and his white fur reflecting the sun . He was a real companion not some trophy dog to be tucked away but with an attitude that occasionally peed in the corner which really ticked off my wife ! You wrote, " It was unexpected. I was too sudden", your right my daughter as well as me felt cheated . Before he was put to sleep he wagged his tail one last time ,I felt that I betrayed him ! They gave me a paw print which finally solidified so we can touch it now, his ashes were spread in the pet cemetery in Hamilton . along with the other dogs that died in that hospital that week. I'm currently working on a tribute to my pet Prinz it'll be posted on either facebook or youtube. Also mourning the loss of a dog or any animal for that matter takes time , give yourself time to heal. I also believe in the after life which gives me the understanding that this life even for us is not forever. One day we will go behind the veil too and someone will morn our loss also, maybe a fury friend ! There are animals in heaven this the bible speaks of where God will say " Behold I make all things new" !!

Steroid meningitis outbreak michigan

steroid meningitis outbreak michigan


steroid meningitis outbreak michigansteroid meningitis outbreak michigansteroid meningitis outbreak michigansteroid meningitis outbreak michigansteroid meningitis outbreak michigan