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Rodriguez followed the previous year with a major league-best 57 HR, 142 RBIs and 389 total bases in 2002, [24] becoming the first player to lead the majors in all three categories since 1984. His nine home runs in April matched a team record that was shared (through 2008) with Iván Rodríguez (2000), Carl Everett (2003), and Ian Kinsler (2007). He had the 6th-most home runs in AL history, the most since Roger Maris ' league record 61 in 1961 and the most ever for a shortstop for the 2nd straight year. He won the Babe Ruth Home Run Award for leading MLB in homers that season. [52] He also won his first Gold Glove Award , awarded for outstanding defense.

On November 15th, 2009, Steroid Forums [8] member Dancer started a thread titled “DSM’s synthol man”, which included a link to the same video. On April 24th, 2010, BodyBuilding Forums [9] member MPower916 posted a thread titled “Mr Synthol”, to which several forum members replied with videos and pictures of Ferraz. On September 23rd, 2010, Steroid forums member Exilus posted a thread titled “Rodrigo ‘synthol’ Ferraz – Before and after synthol”, which including photographs of Ferraz before (shown below, left) and after (shown below, right) his suspected synthol use:

Those Braves teams lost in the World Series twice to the Yankees, who aside from Joe Torre (via the Veterans Committee), have yet to have a seminal member of the team honored, but will over the next two years with Rivera and Jeter (Andy Pettitte also goes on the ballot next year). Others such as Tino Martinez, Paul O’Neill, Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams came and went from the ballot. The Montreal Expos, who never won a World Series and went to the playoffs just one time, now have five players who played significant time with them in the Hall with Guerrero joining Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Pedro Martinez and Tim Raines.

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