Steroid dose pack for asthma

Inform your physician of all the medications you take (prescription and over the counter) and other medical conditions you have before taking a Medrol Dose Pack. If you are scheduled for surgery, the medical staff must be aware that you are on a Medrol Dose Pack. It never should be taken if you are allergic to methylprednisolone or have a fungal infection. Since steroids can weaken the immune system, avoid people who have colds and the flu. Contact your physician if you become exposed to the measles or chicken pox, as these illnesses can become serious when a person is on steroid medication.

I too had a headache after my 3rd epidural injections in my lower back.. immediatley after the 3rd when I came off the table I had an excrutiating pain that shot up to the top of my head and neck pain so severe I couldn't move my neck and I cried. The Dr. kept me there and treated with ice packs and a shot of Toridol..after abouth 45 min's it helped the severity of the headache but til this day (about 4-5 weeks later) I have had a continual headache that won't go away.. I also now hear my heart beating and in my head and a vibration sound in my ear that won't go away(not sure if last 2 symptoms are related but all started at same time)..My headaches get extremely severe at times when I move or lay on my neck a certain way or lay a certain way.. I also have neck problems and the Dr that gave the shot keeps saying it is not realted to the ESI but may be from my neck. But I'm not convinced. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Steroid dose pack for asthma

steroid dose pack for asthma


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