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I was initially interested in the discussion of use of Chloraquine for serum cholesterol reduction, but a quick glance at the lit seemed to say that the effect does not seem to be that significant. However I’m not sure how dangerous it really is as I spent years on chloroquine prophylaxis while living in malarial regions of the globe, but perhaps Mark Thorson is right that I shall develop dementia. Like him I am somewhat concerned about the long term effects of statin prophylaxis. Seemingly harmless, but these longitudinal / geriatric studies are tricky!

“We profiled the metabolome of fasting serum samples collected from a previously reported single-blinded, three-stage clinical trial,” the authors wrote. “Forty-seven habitual coffee consumers refrained from drinking coffee for one month, consumed four cups of coffee/day in the second month and eight cups/day in the third month. Samples collected after each coffee stage were subject to nontargeted metabolomic profiling using UPLC-ESI-MS/MS. A total of 733 metabolites were included for univariate and multivariate analyses.”

Robolics labs steroid source

robolics labs steroid source


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