Powershell ise steroids

There are many features that aren’t apparent at first sight: ISESteroids for example adds persistent command line history, so next time you launch ISE (with ISESteroids), your old commands are still there, and you can use arrow keys to navigate to previous commands, or enter ‘#’ followed by any keyword, then TAB-complete through your command line history. History persistence even works with multiple ISE instances open, and across open tabs. When you rename a tab, the history list is bound to that name, so if you open a tab with that name again later, it will load its own unique command history list.

I’m about to start a general refactoring of the ISE that will change its core implementation to use PowerShell Editor Services. The VS Code extension uses PowerShell Editor Services as the source of its language and debugging behavior. The ISE’s use of this tool will allow both editors to share the same core implementation and expose most of the same features. The migration of the ISE to Editor Services will result in the VS Code extension gaining even more features like remote PowerShell sessions, etc. Over time you should be able to do many of the same things in both editors.

Powershell ise steroids

powershell ise steroids


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