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Make no mistake: As in football, baseball, and mixed martial arts, PEDs are in boxing. A number of fighters have failed drug tests for PEDs in recent years, among them Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson. Just a few days ago, a Showtime card was headlined by Andrzej Fonfara, who failed a drug test for steroids in 2009. Understanding just how prevalent drug use is in boxing, however, is difficult because there is no regulatory apparatus in place to expose it with any consistency. Professional boxing is the last free-enterprise frontier in America, and because it is overseen by dozens of inept state athletic commissions across the country, uniform standards do not exist. Since commission testing is inadequate, boxers interested in clean competition must voluntarily enroll in extracurricular programs administered either by the USADA or VADA, and not many fighters seem interested in the extra effort and expense. Until a fighter fails a test, however, or until drug protocols are improved across the board in boxing, the presumption of innocence is a right even a prizefighter deserves.

It was announced on April 8, 2009 Khan would move up to the light welterweight division to fight Andreas Kotelnik (31-2-1, 13 KOs) at the MEN Arena in Manchester for the WBA light welterweight title on 18 July. Khan Said, "This is the best news that I could have received. To fight for the world title in only my 22nd fight and at the age of just 22 is fantastic. Frank has done a great job getting the world title fight for me in Britain and now I have to go out win it." This would be Kotelnik's fourth title defense. [29] Khan won by a unanimous decision, 120–108, 118–111, 118–111, in front of 10,000, and became the third-youngest Brit to win a world title, at the age of 22. [30] Khan's lightning hand speed and fitness gave him the advantages to go well ahead on points in the first ten rounds. Kotelnik rallied in the closing rounds but could not land a decisive punch on Khan, Kotelnik throwing everything he had in the final two stanzas. After the fight, Khan said, "It's the best feeling ever. I want to thank Freddie Roach and my team for making this happen. I'm a world champion and I'm going to enjoy it. I'm still young and I've got big things to come." [31] [32]

Pacquiao marquez steroids

pacquiao marquez steroids


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