Lichen planus steroid mouthwash

I've been trying just about everything. I've suffered OLP for about 6 years... it is also in my scalp, where it actually originated. What I'm trying now and it has worked wonders is Turmeric Curcumin, 500 mg. It is kind of hard to find high grade turmeric in drug stores, so I buy it through Amazon. Just make sure it is 95% curcumin. I take a minimum of 2000 mg per day. If I'm eating 3 meals a day, I will push it to 3000 mg. You need to get it to a therapeutic level to do any real good. It's treatment is for inflammation. If you can control inflammation in your mouth, you're close to winning the battle vs. OLP. Still no cure, but it goes a long ways for relief. I started seeing results after about 4-5 weeks. I will continue to take turmeric, as it has helped me more then anything. My brother is a dentist. I have visited 3 different oral surgeons and a couple of dermatologists... this is, after all, a skin disease.

"I'm a 37 years old and I have had "heat rash" since I was a young child. My body is usually covered in bumps from spring to fall. I have been prescribed lotions and steroid creams which usually just helps with the itching. Since there was a warm weather I started breaking out in December and because of travel to hot places my body was covered in bumps by February. So in May I saw a new dermatologist, she did a biopsy for lichen planus and placed me on prednisone. I took a 20 day dose and within a few days the texture and size change. Also some disappeared and there was no more irritation. I've been off prednisone for 2 weeks now and I've have started to breakout and the irritation has started back."

Lichen planus steroid mouthwash

lichen planus steroid mouthwash


lichen planus steroid mouthwashlichen planus steroid mouthwashlichen planus steroid mouthwashlichen planus steroid mouthwashlichen planus steroid mouthwash