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“Mark and Bob created an enduring character and kids all over the world found a friend in her, an average girl who just happens to spend her off-school hours thwarting evil villains,” said Adam Bonnett, executive vice president, original programming for Disney Channels Worldwide. “Although Kim Possible ‘can do anything,’ kids and tweens found that this animated redhead was just like them. As we embark on the fun challenge of making Kim and Ron fully dimensional, I’m thrilled to be working again with Mark and Bob and to welcome the addition of a dynamic creative team – Josh, Zanne, Adam and Zach – into a world where anything is indeed possible.”

After capturing Kim and her friends, Shego reveals that she separated Kim and Ron by making money in the 1990s stock-market boom , buying the company that Ron's mother worked for and having her transferred to Norway, her reason being that while together, Kim and Ron actually made a decent team, but if they were apart, they couldn't stop her. In his anger at having to live in Norway and the destruction of his favorite nacho restaurant, Ron throws Drakken across the room. The twins break out of their chains, the pillars that hold up the palace ceiling collapse and the Time Monkey falls to the floor and breaks, undoing all the effects of Shego's time travel. This causes Kim, Ron and Rufus to float through a time portal and travel back to the first scene of the film, at the end of their first school day. At the moment when the first time disturbance occurred, a wave of time distortion washes over Kim and Ron, and when the moment has passed, the world has been restored to its original state and the two teens have lost all memory of the film's events, except that Ron knows he hates meat cakes , but has no idea why he said it.

Kim struggled against her bonds as she looked around the darkened room. She just couldn’t believe her luck. Not only had Shego surprised and captured her but she also stripped her down before she tied her to the chair. She shivered a bit as the cool air swept over her body, causing her nipples to become erect. She tried to fight back the sensation as she took stock of her situation again. Her arms were tied at the wrists behind the chair’s back and her legs were tied to the legs of the chair so that she was sitting spread eagle style and showing everything off to the world. It was very embarrassing and, shamefully enough, a little exciting. She was beginning to think the cold air wasn’t the only reason her nipples were erect. 

Kim possible mole rat steroids

kim possible mole rat steroids


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