High dose steroid therapy

Thank you again for your help.
The GP I saw seemed to have a blase attitude toward everything. I am going back to the medical centre this weekend to collect my leptin test. I also forgot to mention that I have secondary amenorrhea (over 3 years) despite all tests coming back normal. The gynecologist wants to start me on oestrogen tablets to see if that will help get my cycle back. That is the only hormone I am slightly low on, apparently. I am a little aprehensive about this, I will try and resist taking it if at all possible. He says that the lack of menses is not at all dangerous or likely to effect my health or fertility.
As for your suggestions, I have started taking 2100 mcg of K2 with the D3 in the morning. I eat between 2 and 3 egg yolks daily depending on my activity levels and I also consume about an 1 oz. of liver 5-7 days per week.(rotating varieties)Other stuff I include when possible is fish eggs, oysters, shellfish and a variety of organ meats etc. I think I get K2 also in the form of fermented dairy and vegetables. I will definately try the melatonin and see what happens. I have ordered the doses based on the supplements recommendations. To get D3 serum levels back to a safer range, would it be best to avoid supplementation for a short time or simply lower the dose to what you originally specified?
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me. The work of Shou-Ching and yourself has aided me greatly. I have a long list of health problems that your lifestyle and diet advice has wiped out. Should you ever require a testimonial I would be happy to oblige.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recommended dosing for systemic prednisone, prednisolone, or methylprednisolone in pediatric patients whose asthma is uncontrolled by inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting bronchodilators is 1–2 mg/kg/day in single or divided doses. It is further recommended that short course, or "burst" therapy, be continued until the patient achieves a peak expiratory flow rate of 80% of his or her personal best or until symptoms resolve. This usually requires 3 to 10 days of treatment, although it can take longer. There is no evidence that tapering the dose after improvement will prevent a relapse.

High dose steroid therapy

high dose steroid therapy


high dose steroid therapyhigh dose steroid therapyhigh dose steroid therapyhigh dose steroid therapyhigh dose steroid therapy