Documentary steroid abuse

I was so annoyed by the programme that I wrote to the Radio Times, mainly because the low carb diet presented was, I thought, deliberately extreme – masses of protein/fat was stacked on the plate. I suspected they were just trying to sensationalize a supposedly “faddy” diet, to entertain at the expense of informing. To be fair, they did the same with the low fat diet – surely even the most enthusiastic advocate of low fat diets wouldn’t be recommending unlimited sucrose.
I don’t think viewers would have learned anything – it was hardly a surprise that fat and sugar are delicious together!

Legendary pro wrestler and bodybuilder Ric Draisin, who was widely known as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early training partners, was described as a WFN “ambassador and media partner”. Acclaimed documentary movie maker Chris Bell, who directed documentaries related to anabolic steroids and pharmaceuticals such as “Bigger Stronger Faster” and “Prescription Thugs”, gave a glowing testimonial praising WFN as one of the “top compounding pharmacies in the country” as “100% legal”; Bell spoke highly of “Dr. Rodriguez” for providing him with steroids and steroid advice.

Documentary steroid abuse

documentary steroid abuse


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