Define anabolic window

The window of time following a workout is critical for consuming your recovery drink if you want to maximize its refueling and repairing benefits. However, it is also good to consider your diet as a whole, and think about how much protein and carbs you are getting in during other meal and snack times as well. If you tend to have a protein and carb-heavy diet, then you are more likely to have enough in your glycogen stores to have “spare” protein and carbs that can assist your recovery drink in protein synthesis and recovery. And even if you are not as concerned about the post-run recovery phase, it is still a good idea to aim for snacks and small meals that have the 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. If you are a runner, chances are you have heard the rave around a simple glass of chocolate milk as excellent recovery fuel. Other great snack ideas include fruit and low fat or fat free Greek yogurt, peanut butter and toast or rice cakes (or a banana!), cottage cheese and grapes (don’t knock it ’til ya try it!), and an egg and cheese sandwich.

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The anabolic response of muscle to resistance exercise and protein feeding is influenced by multiple factors, including the timing of protein feeding. A common perception is that a 45-60 min post-exercise ‘anabolic window of opportunity' time frame exists, within which dietary protein must be consumed to achieve muscle anabolism (and ultimately muscle growth). In this review, we argue the importance of feeding protein immediately following exercise is not as critical as has been espoused. Indeed, muscle remains responsive to protein ingestion for at least 24 h post-exercise. On the other hand, given that feeding protein immediately post-exercise is unlikely to impair the muscle anabolic response, and could improve it, from a practical standpoint, we recommend athletes and exercisers consume some protein, as a meal or supplement, in the immediate period following resistance exercise.

Define anabolic window

define anabolic window


define anabolic windowdefine anabolic windowdefine anabolic windowdefine anabolic window