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(Charlie Brown is at Lucy's psychiatric booth)
Charlie Brown It was my gramma.. She always used to say "laugh at the dinner table..cry before bed".
Lucy: I don't know... Grammas say some strange things..
Charlie Brown But I think I've begun to believe her.. I think I'm afraid to be happy..
Lucy: How can you be afraid to be happy?
Charlie Brown Because whenever you get too happy, something bad happens..
Lucy: Are you happy right now?
Charlie Brown I guess so..(suddenly falls out of chair)
Lucy: Tell me something more about this gramma of yours. (15 Jun 97)

The project is being produced by Brad Feinstein of Romulus Entertainment along with Tom Butterfield, Ben Pugh, Corey Smyth and Alex Georgiou, and executive produced by Joseph F. Ingrassia, Gabriela Revilla Lugo, Andy Brunskill and Kweku Mandela. Romulus Entertainment is fully financing the effort. Endeavor Content is representing domestic rights on the film, and Christopher Tricarico of Tricarico Chavez, LLP represents Romulus and is handling finance, production and distribution legal.

"We could not be more excited to work with our amazing cast and give Nabil the opportunity to shoot his first feature," said Feinstein. "With such a successful body of work as a commercial and video director, he is ready to take the next step forward and make this incredible film that will be on the cutting edge of youth culture."

Charlie and dee take steroids

charlie and dee take steroids


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