In Animal Crossing: New Leaf , Brewster continues to run the The Roost Café that can be built as a Public Works Project . When the player sits down, he will offer to brew a cup of coffee for them, allowing them to choose the kind of coffee beans, how much sugar, and how much milk they would like. However, beginning with the player's fourth purchase of coffee, they can choose their usual blend of coffee or they can change the blend. In addition, after purchasing three cups of coffee, the pigeon will begin to allow the player to take their coffee to go.

Furniture gyroids are buried similar to Fossils and randomly generated each day at 6am, though they are only found after rainy or snowy days. There are many gyroids (127 in Wild World ), and each is unique in sound and shape. All are part of a family of similar-sounding gyroids. If one of . Slider 's songs is playing on a stereo , or if a player is playing an instrument fast enough, all active gyroids will adjust tempo to match the music. The word "gyroid" comes from the word "gyrate" or "gyre", a term relating to spinning.