Brassinosteroids effects

This book provides current information on synthesis of plant hormones, how their concentrations are regulated, and how they modulate various plant processes. It details how plants sense and tolerate such factors as drought, salinity, and cold temperature, factors that limit plant productivity on earth. It also explains how plants sense two other environmental signals, light and gravity, and modify their developmental patterns in response to those signals. This book takes the reader from basic concepts to the most up-to-date thinking on these topics.

As Chory explains, when plant cells receive the steroid signal it triggers a cascade of events that turns on hundreds of genes and leads to plant growth. Removing the brassinosteroids miniaturizes plants, but also has secondary effects on plant aging and reproduction. Chory explains that plants age differently from animals, one leaf at a time. Brassinosteroids must promote this aging program because as she says, "When we don't have brassinosteroids in the plant, the leaves stay green, they don't turn yellow, and they also don't fall off." Knocking out the pathway also makes plants male sterile, which means they shouldn't be able to make pollen. Chory says they see these same effects in every plant in which they block the pathway.

Remember that the research above is for Laxogenin’s steroidal counterpart, Anavar.

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Brassinosteroids effects

brassinosteroids effects


brassinosteroids effectsbrassinosteroids effectsbrassinosteroids effectsbrassinosteroids effectsbrassinosteroids effects