Belgian steroid cows

I found and read the paper. How this experiment was done was that exogenous radioactive Ca (as CaCl2) was added with a carrier (undefined) to dairy milk or soy beverage. Blood appearance of label (per ml blood) over time was then used to get a relative value for Ca absorption rate. Based on my experience with marker analysis (I have published in this area and taught it for 33 years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) this demonstrates that the exogenously added Ca was absorbed at the same relative rate in the presence of milk and soy beverage. If either the milk or soy beverage contents inhibited or aided this absorption process of the exogenouly added labled Ca, they did so to the same extent. I do not see how this can be taken to mean that the native Ca in milk or the added Ca in the soy beverage (of an unidentified proprietary nature but likely not the same as the carrier or isoptope) are absorbed with the same efficiency.

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Belgian steroid cows

belgian steroid cows


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