A completed application form must be sent together with a cover letter from the applilcant to IMA after 1 January and no later than 20 January each year. No discount will be granted for applications received by IMA after that time. Each cover letter may accompany application forms for medicinal products from the same marketing authorization holder. Each application form can cover all strengths of one pharmaceutical form.
The application form must contain information about the turnover of the produc for the last 2 years. The turnover refers to the aggregate value of all packages of all formulations and the strength of the product concerned, without VAT.

Of course the other relationship that is very emotionally important and intimate is the parent – child relationship. But unlike the marriage this relationship is not equal, the parent has much more influence than the child, indeed the child is still yet to develop its insecurities. Thus we have the basis of the injunction. Mother’s (and father’s) unmet needs as a 4 year old will start become part of her relationship with her children and in the script matrix this is shown as the transmission of the injunction from the mother’s Child ego state to her son or daughter.